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Keech T. LeClair

ACA Logo Problems

Logo Problems Indicative of Competition Community Disenfranchisement:
In May of 2005, ACA headquarters staff contacted me to object how the new ACA logo was displayed on several web sites that I support as webmaster. The objections were that I made the background behind the text below logo and outside of the actual logo, transparent so that the blue page background would show through. They insist that the the background that forms a large square around the entire logo plus text remain white, (see logo below). Their second objection to my use of the ACA logo was that I removed the tag line "Kayak & Canoe Recreation" from the bottom of the logo. Resently, October 17, 2005, the ACA staff contacted me again and demanded that I, "Please remove this logo immediately."
The new ACA logo has a good basic design. However it has a couple of flaws. First, the use of a square white background that extends out past the logo itself makes the logo look unprofessional on a web page that does not have a white background. Apparently it's "illegal" to make the background transparent under the text outside of the logo itself. If the background inside the logo itself were white and the background outside the logo and behind the text were transparent, the logo would be more versatile and look more professional on any background color.
Second, the use of the tag line "Kayak & Canoe Recreation" only perpetuates the disenfranchisement of the water sport competition community. This phrase is totally inappropriate on a "competition" web site! It really doesn't need to be there at all. These two flaws will force me to reduce the size, prominence and placement of the ACA logo, if it's used at all, so it does not detract from the web pages. Making the logo less than 7/8's of an inch will allow me to "legally" drop the inappropriate tag line. Of course this restriction is rather vague, as the size of the viewed logo is monitor size dependent, so I'll just have to guess!
ACA continues to devalue canoe competition! Even on it's new web site, the links and information about the Competition Council and the Competition Activity Committees are well hidden and when you finally find "Open Canoe Slalom" on the "Whitewater Slalom" page, it's presented on a par with the "USA Whitewater Slalom Team", an organization that's not even part of ACA! In fact, the Open Canoe Slalom Committee is listed of the "ACA Committee's" page but there isn't link to our web!
The new insurance arrangements that now requires USACK and Canadian Canoe Association members to pay the ten dollar event membership fees if they do not also belong to ACA has hurt attendance at slalom events this year. In previous years we had a reciprocity agreement with USACK that was worked out by the ACA National Staff.
Earlier this year, 2005, I was promised that ACA would be creating a voucher system so that non-ACA members who pay the ten dollar event membership fee at an event would receive a voucher and could redeem three vouchers for an ACA membership. That was in February and I have not heard anything since.
ACA dose not market any of the competition activity committees. There is a full time Communications and Marketing Director who doesn't seem have enough to do and has been apparently reassigned to roam the internet, acting as the "logo police", busting those who use the ACA logo incorrectly! Open Canoe Slalom, for instance, is ripe to be marketed as the next level, after basic canoe instruction, to enhance paddling skills. After all, the best river runners are slalom paddlers, just ask anyone!
All in all, the Open Canoe Slalom community just isn't getting the support from the ACA National organization that it deserves.

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