The Kayak & Canoe Club of New York and the Atlantic Slalom Committee

presents the

Ten Mile River Clinic & Slalom

May 25-26, 2013 - Ten Mile River,
Webatuck Craft Village, Wingdale, NY

Race Co-Chairmen: John Coraor & Keech LeClair
in cooperation with the
American Canoe Association

The put-in area at the ACA 10 Mile River Clinic/Slalom in Webatuck, NY.
Event Description:
This slalom weekend is intended to introduce established paddlers to slalom competition as a means to enhance their white water skills and assumes river paddling competence. Special emphasis is placed on youngsters and women at this event. The Ten Mile River Clinic/Slalom will be held on class 1 whitewater. The competition is divided into novice and expert divisions with the emphasis on instruction rather than competition. The sponsors will try to provide current models of open and decked slalom boats for participants to paddle, but, if you have a boat, please bring it so that there will be no waiting lines for boats when the clinic is in progress. Be sure to indicate on the entry form the type of boat you'll be bringing.
The race is broken down into classes which are defined by the number of paddlers, their gender, their age, and/or the length of the boat. This a timed event over a prescribed course, not unlike ski slalom, but with some notable differences. The gates, which are numbered, must be run in order. Some of the gates, with green and white poles, require the paddler to paddle downstream through them, while others, with red and white poles, require upstream negotiation. The clear gate number shows the side to approach the gate and the red slash side is the exit side of the gate. It is permissable to run a gate in a reverse, or stern first, attitude to make the gate easier to negotiate.
In addition to time, penalties are assessed for touching or missing the gates. These penalties are added to the time in seconds to form a total score for the run. All boats use the better of their two runs for the final ranking.

Schedule of Events:
Saturday Morning - Late Registration & Course Set-Up.
Saturday Afternoon: - Two Hour Formal Clinic followed by Open Practice.
Sunday Morning: - Practice early & the Slalom Race starts at 9 AM.
Sunday Afternoon: - Slalom Race runs till mid afternoon & ends with Course Takedown followed by Awards.

Race Information Pages:
Additional Race Info - Detailed information about the Clinic/Race operations and rules.
Driving Directions - to the Clinic/Race from NYC and New England and camping info.
General Event Info - General Slalom Clinic and Slalom Race description, Area Information and Camping info.
Race Entry Forms - Print the forms, fill them out and mail them in with your entry fee check.
Photo Album - Photos of the Craft Village, the course, paddlers, and boats.
Lost & Found - Items that were left at the site at this year's event.

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