ACA Atlantic Division Open Canoe Slalom Committee Chairman

Keech T. LeClair

Proposed ACA OCS
Class List

This proposal is designed to accomplish several things. The first is to clear up all the ambiguity in the class names. The second would be to cut the total number of classes to a more manageable number. The third would be to make sure that competition in all classes remains fair with no one having an unfair atvantage.

  • Eliminate the OC-2X class persuant to the ACA OCS Slalom Racing Rules.
  • Change the OC-1X class to OC-1 Rodeo or eliminate it completely.
  • Change the name Cadet to Youth in the current OC-2 Cadet/Senior class.
  • Change the Open class description back the the more appropriate Men.
  • Divide all boats into one of three catigories: OC1-8, OCn-12 or OCn-15, (n=1 or 2).
  • Eliminate the RAC and REC designations entirely and replce them with a limiting length range.
  • OC1-8 category would be boats that are at least 8 feet but less than 12 feet in length.
  • OCn-12 category would be boats that are at least 12 feet but less than 15 feet in length.
  • OCn-15 category would be boats that are at least 15 feet in length.
  • Longer boats without a class will be included in the next shorter length class available.
  • Women would be allowed to enter the equivalent men's class if a specific women's class is not offered.
  • Classes can be added within this structure as required, (I.E.a possible OC1-8 Men Masters class).

  • Solo Class List:

    Classes OC1-8 OC1-12 OC1-15
    Men X X X
    Men Masters ? X X
    Women X X
    Women Masters X X
    Junior X
    Men Combined X X
    Women Combined X

    (Plus a possible OCRodeo-1 class.)

    Tandem Class List:

    Classes OC2-12 OC2-15
    Men X X
    Masters X X
    Women X
    Mixed X X
    Junior X
    Youth/Senior X
    Men Combined X
    Mixed Combined X

    We have to remember that boats built for the RAC classes last a long time, twenty years or more. REC boats are used more often and are subjected to more abuse, so their life expectancy is far shorter. This is one of the main reasons to protect the 15-foot boat classes. However, boat design and materials are constantly evolving especially in the REC boat category. REC boats are becoming lighter and are using modern hull designs. This proposed class list will accommodate todays population of slalom boats and leave ample room for growth in the future. Here are some reasons and consequences for or of this proposal.
  • OC-2X class: No one has entered the class, so eliminate it.
  • OC-1X class: The only boats eligible are rodeo boats so make it OCRodeo-1 or just eliminate it.
  • In closed boats, Cadet is up to 14 years old while ours is up to 16 years old. Make it Youth.
  • Change Open back to Men as men are not allowed to compete in the Women classes.
  • Let's have true equal opportunity!
  • OC1-8 categories would end up being mostly short boats, formerly in the OC-1 REC classes.
  • OC1-12 categories would end up being mostly boats, formerly in the OC-1 RAC classes.
  • OC2-12 catigories would end up being mostly boats, formerly in the OC-2 REC classes.
  • OCn-15 catigory would be RAC boats that are at least 15 feet in length.
  • As new lighter REC boats and shorter RAC are designed and built, all the classes will even out.

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