Ten Mile River Clinic and Slalom
Entry Procedure:
Mail completed Entry Form and Insurance Waiver Form with your check in the correct amount to cover the entry fee and insurance free for non-ACA members. Click here for Race Entry Information and Entry Forms.

08:00 am to 10:00 am Late Registration
08:00 am to Noon Course Set-Up
12:30 pm to 03:30 pm Slalom Clinic
03:30 pm to Dark Open Parctice
Dawn till 09:45 am Open Practice
10:00 to 10:15 am Competitors Meeting
10:30 am to Conclusion Slalom Race
Right after race Course Take Down
After Course Take Down Awards

Classes will be divided into Novice and Expert divisions as required. The race reserves the right to reassign any competitor to the other division in order to maintain fair competition. OC-1 Stort (13') for men, women, masters, and juniors; OC-1 Medium (15') for men, women, masters, and juniors; OC-2 (15') for men, women, mixed, masters, cadet/senior, and juniors; C-1 for men, women, masters, junior and cadets; C-2 for men, women, juniors, masters and cadets, and, K-1 for men, women, masters, juniors, and cadets.

A paddler will be considered an expert if he or she is a ranked closed boater, or, in open boats placed in the top three in a NESS class of five or more boats or the top 50 precent in the ACA OC Slalom Nationals. A tandem boat with one expert in it, is considered an expert boat. Novices may enter two classes in the slalom race and one in the clinic. Experts may enter three classes in the race and may be asked to help with instruction in the clinic

The clinic on Saturday will be broken down into at least three groups: kayaks, solo canoes and tandem canoes and will last about two hours with stagered start times for the groups. In addition, kayaks may be divided according to ability.

Race Operations:
Open boats will use the 2007 ACA OC Slalom Racing Rules. This means 10 penalty seconds per gate touched and the better of the two runs count for final ranking. Closed boats will use the 1995 ACA Slalom Racing Rules. This means 5 penalty seconds per gate touched and the better of the two runs for final ranking. There will be reverse gate(s) used. Awards will be given to the top three boats in each class. Classes will not be combined. All competitors will be expected to perform a work assignment during the race. Attendance will be checked and absentees will be hung by their thumbs from gate thirteen. All protests must be submitted in triplicate on computer generated forms within 12 seconds of the insident and will be adjudicated immediately by the race chairman.

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