The Atlantic Slalom Committee
Ten Mile River Clinic & Slalom
May 26-27, 2007 - 10 Mile River,
Webatuck Craft Village, Wingdale, NY

NOTICE: Due to construction activities at the race site to replace the road bridge over the slalom course, the Ten Mile River Clinic & Slalom will be canceled for the 2007 season. We will reevaluate the situation in December of 2007 for the 2008 season.


Use one form per paddler, duplicate as required, and please three hole punch.

Name: ____________________________________________ ACA Mem #: ______________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _______________________________ E-Mail Address: ___________________

Home Phone: _______________________ Date of Birth: _____________________ Age: ____

I understand that the clinic organizers will need as many open and decked canoes, and kayaks at the slalom site as possible. I will be bringing the following boats: ____________________________________________________________

CLASSES: OC-1 Men-Short, OC-1 Women-Short, OC-1 Master-Short, OC-1 Junior, OC-1 Men-Medium, OC-Woman-Meduim, OC-1 Master-Medium, OC-2 Men, OC-2 Women, OC-2 Mixed, OC-2 Masters, OC-2 Cadet/Senior, OC-2 Juniors, C-1 Men, C-1 Women, C-1 Master, C-1 Junior, C-1 Cadet, C-2 Men, C-2 Women, C-2, Masters, C-2, Junior/Masters, K-1 Men, K-1 Women, K-1 Master, K-1 Junior, K-1 Cadet.

Class ====== - Novice - Expert - Partner Name for tandem classes ==========================

___________ - _____ - _____ - ________________________________________________

___________ - _____ - _____ - ________________________________________________

___________ - _N/A_ - _____ - ________________________________________________

I, the undersigned, certify that I have read the rules of the race as indicated in this package and agree to abide by them as well as the instructions and directives of the race officials. I affirm that I will inspect the race course prior to the race and will not participate if it is beyond my capabilities as a paddler. I also agree to hold harmless, from liability for injuries to my person or property, the sponsoring organization, officals, landowners, and committee members, and realize that it is not incumbent upon them to furnish first aid, rescue or salvage equipment or personnel. I also certify that I am an amateur as defined by the ACA.

________________________________ ________________________________
(Signature of Paddler)
(Parents Signature if Paddler is Under 18 years old)

Early registration will be accepted starting April 15, each year, and ending the Wednesday before the race. Send your signed entry form by US Mail, with your entry fee check, ($10 for Novices & $5 for Experts), payable to: ACA Atlantic, to the address below. Late registration, for two classes only will take place at the race site from 8-10 am on Saturday. Late registration will require an additional $5 fee for everyone and WILL USE A DIFFERENT FORM, available at the race site. Mail completed form with correct fee to:

Atlantic Slalom Committee, Clinic Registrar, P.O. Box 8973, Scarborough, New York, 10510

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Be sure this form fits on one page, to heavy line just above, by reducing font size and is in portrait style format.

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